Autumn Semester

Are you a student with with a strong interest in sustainable agricultural production systems?
Join the programme in Agroecology exclusively taught in English as an exchange student for one semester and obtain 30 ECTS.

Our 's Agricultural Engineering MSc in AGROECOLOGY is based on a transdisciplinary approach of agroecosystems with a focus on agronomical, ecological, environmental, economic and social issues. Emphasis is given to the integration of disciplines focusing on crop-livestock integrated systems that value and preserve biodiversity.

Venue: Rennes, France
Period: From September to January

• Bachelor’s degree with a background in agronomy, crop science, animal science, soil science, ecology, economic and social sciences
• B2 level English proficiency

Application deadline: June 15th
How to apply ?

Students in a crop field


Our programme prepares students for a wide range of mission:

  • Emphasise positive interactions  within  agroecosystems in order to propose agroecological practices which encourage functional biodiversity, appropriate crop rotations and help the natural regulation of populations and the management of bioagressors
  • Manage soil fertility and complete biogeochemical cycles by developing synergies between livestock farming and crops
  • Develop a systemic vision of agroecosystems to support, improve and increase farm sustainability
  • Evaluate farm sustainability through multicriteria assessment including biodiversity, natural resources and the society
  • Help farmers evaluate the relevance of their practices and com-pare them with those of other farmers, and encourage them to create possible changes
  • Reflect and open up to new ideas while considering the goals, needs and interests of the stakeholders
  • Contribute to the development of transdisciplinary research in agroecology.

Programme Features

  • Individual and group-based learning
  • Short projects on experimental sites and a transdisciplinary project on a real farm
  • Active participation of professionals and scientific partners
  • All courses in English

Support offered by l'Institut Agro Rennes-Angers

  • Single Welcome Desk
  • Free French Language Courses
  • Housing Support

Courses content

Compulsory Teaching Units (TU)
TU Code ECTS Credits
TU 1 : The challenges of Agroecology RM2E-1 2 More
TU 2 : Global socio-economical analysis RM2E-2 3 More
TU 3 : Theoretical bases of agroecosystem functioning RM2E-3 6 More
TU 4 : Sustainability of agroecological systems RM2E-4 2 More
TU 5 : Agroecosystem Management Levers in Agroecology RM2E-5 6 More
TU 6 : Plant, Soil, Animal interactions RM2E-6 4 More
TU 7 : Statistical, modelling and spatial engineering tools RM2E-7 3 More
TU 8 : Professional Project RM2E-8 2 More
TU 9 : Languages RM2E-9 2 More

Teaching Staff

The staff is composed of permanent researchers and teachers from l'Institut Agro Rennes-Angers and a team of experts and professionnals.