L'Institut Agro Rennes-Angers in 360 degrees


The French School of Agriculture, Food, Horticultural and Landscape Sciences is an internal school of the National Institute of Higher Education for Agriculture, Food and the Environment, called "l'Institut Agro", created by decree n ° 2019-1459 published in the Official Journal of December 27, 2019.


L'Institut Agro Rennes-Angers, headquatered in Rennes, is composed of 2 campuses:

  • Rennes Campus, which specialises in agriculture and food science
  • Angers Campus, which specialises in horticulture and landscaping

AGROCAMPUS OUEST is organised as follows:

  • 6 teaching and research departments
    - Animal and Food Sciences
    - Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
    - Ecology
    - Economics, Management and Society
    - Plant Sciences applied to Agriculture and Horticulture
    - Physical Environment, Landscape Architecture and Territorial Development
  • 13 research units
  • 6 administrative units supporting strategic orientations
    - Teaching and student affairs department
    - Research department
    - Corporate relations department
    - International relations office
    - Academic partnerships department
    - Communications office

A founding member of "l'Institut Agro"

The National Institute of Higher Education for Agriculture, Food and the Environment, or “the Institut Agro”, was created on January 1st 2020 by merging 2 existing Higher Education Agricultural Institutions: Agrocampus Ouest and Montpellier SupAgro.

The newly created Institute is designed to provide France with a leading, university-level institution focusing on food, agriculture and the environment. It has three main aims: to train students, conduct academic and applied research and transfer knowledge to society at large.

Every year, the Institute trains over 3,750 agricultural engineers, Master’s and PhD students on its 5 campuses, to address the world’s societal and environmental challenges though a systemic approach. It employs 210 research-lecturers, working in 36 research units. A dedicated International Team with a hands-on approach works alongside academics and researchers.


L'Institut Agro Rennes-Angers is headed by a director appointed for 5 years by joint decree of the ministers responsible for agriculture and higher education under the conditions set by decree n ° 2010-362 of 8 April 2010 modified. The director is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the school and guiding its collective life.

The director represents l'Institut Agro Rennes-Angers in all regional and national bodies and is assisted by a management committee, a collegial executive body made up of all the directors of teaching and research departments and transversal departments.

Director: Alessia Lefébure
Deputy Director: Dominique Vollet