Learning French

French as a foreign language courses

International exchange students our indivudual students have access to a semester-long course in French as a foreign language, enabling them to further improve their level and gradually become more confident in both spoken and written French.

Please note:
For our programmes taught in French, the minimum level of French required is B2 and you must provide a certificate of French language proficiency (TCF, TEF or DELF) with your application.

For students coming to Angers campus

Courses are offered for a value of 2 ECTS credits, by the Municipal Institute. The first semester is free for exchange students.
In special cases of students from partner universities, other methods of learning French can be studied (summer course or semester course before entering our courses).

For students coming to Rennes campus

These courses take place at Rennes 2 University 4 hours a week for 11 weeks. They represent 6 ECTS credits.
The International Relations Office will give you the necessary information and put you in touch with the Rennes international center for French studies for foreigners (CIREFE) which manages registrations. The first semester is free for exchange students. For other students, they are asked to contribute around 180 euros per semester.