Prepare for your arrival

A central desk

A single contact to facilitate your procedures before your arrival, at the time of your arrival and during your stay at AGROCAMPUS OUEST.

This support system is supplemented by student tutoring which will allow better integration on campus.
Students hosted on the Rennes campus can also benefit from the support of the Agrowelcome student association.

Visa and residence permit

Are you a European student (EEA member state)?

If so, you do not require a visa.

Are you a non-European student?

If so, a student visa is compulsory. You must submit an application at the time of your pre-enrolment to AGROCAMPUS OUEST.
Depending on your home country, you must first contact your Campus France office to complete your application and confirm the various steps of your application, then make your visa application once you have received an admission letter informing you that you have been pre-enrolled under certain conditions:

  • to the French Consulate
  • or to visa office of the French Embassy

The central desk will help you with this procedure.

International mobility center

International Mobility Center

For students coming on the Rennes campus, International Mobility Center helps getting "residence permit" . It also supports foreign students, doctoral students and researchers in their discovery of the city and the region by offering cultural and tourist offers throughout the year.

Insurance and assistance

Civil Liabilty insurance

You are required to take out civil liability insurance, which will cover any material or immaterial damage you may cause.

Accomodation Insurance

Accommodation insurance is compulsory in France.
Whether students live in a university residence or rented premises, they must insure their accommodation. The LMDE and SMEBA centres offer cover for risks related to accommodation.

Accommodation assistance

You may request housing subsidy payments from the Caisse d'allocations familiales (CAF). This financial assistance will enable you to pay part of your rent.
The necessary information will be provided to you on your arrival.


Nationals of the European Union

You must apply for the European Health Insurance Card from your health insurance organization in your country of origin, before your departure.

Non-nationals of the European Union

French Social Security

Affiliation to French social security is necessary for a stay of more than 3 months. Procedures can be done online before your arrival on the dedicated website:

In all cases, additional optional health insurance policies are offered by banks and insurance firms.


As a foreign student, you will be able to open a bank account. Opening a bank account will enable you to obtain a credit card (€30 to 40 per year) and a chequebook (free).

Which bank should you contact?

To make it easier to open a bank account upon your arrival in France, we recommend that you contact your bank in your country of origin to find out if it is associated with a French network. Agreements also exist between mutual health insurance organisations and some banks.

List of documents to provide:

  • an ID document (identity card or passport),
  • your residence permit (not required by European students),
  • proof of residence (electricity invoice, rent receipt, accommodation certificate, etc.).
  • an AGROCAMPUS OUEST enrolment certificate

Working in France

Foreign students may work part-time during their study period (964 hours per year maximum) upon presentation of their residence permit (which must be currently valid and indicate their “student” status).