PhD programmes at AGROCAMPUS OUEST

Aim for academic excellence and develop your creativity!


Studying for a doctorate at AGROCAMPUS OUEST

An exceptional opportunity!

The research labs at AGROCAMPUS OUEST are a training around 130 PhD students every year in its laboratories. 

Doctoral courses at AGROCAMPUS OUEST have a twofold vocation:

  • training high-level scientific PhDs, ready to join companies and to conduct innovative projects
  • training future research-academics able to conduct research programmes aimed at academic excellence.

Research topics

AGROCAMPUS OUEST doctoral students are integrated in one of the 13 research units, mainly associating AGROCAMPUS OUEST with INRAE and/or universities. These units cover the 5 main areas with high application potential that AGROCAMPUS OUEST is keen to develop:

  1. Vegetal, animal, systems
  2. Environmental issues - resources, territories and urban planning
  3. Fisheries science, sea, coastal zones
  4. Food science
  5. Landscapes 

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